50 Shades of Grey-Mixing Neutrals that Enhance Sexy Color
April 09 - April 10, 2021

Award winning artist Kim Barrick is back offering students more ways to create sophisticated color in their work.  Using delicious organic floral still life as a starting point, she will guide students, raising their artworks to the next level.  Investigating brushwork, composition and light effects in both representational and abstract forms, students will learn to use neutrals to amplify the sensuous colors that will make their paintings turn heads across the room locking eyes on to their work.  Students may bring original works to “fix” or create new works from blank canvas.  Do not miss this challenging and wickedly engaging 2-day workshop.  Class size is limited to maximize each student’s learning experience.  


521 Heather Place
Nashville , Tennessee 37204




$275 plus $15 supply fee